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Toronto-Based Canadian Restaurant Wholesale Supplier

With 8+ years of experience working with 5,000+ restaurant and merchant partners across Canada, Facedrive Supply is your most reliable restaurant wholesale supplier, a subsidiary of Facedrive Inc. We take pride in continuing to put you first and empowering you to build a better community together.

Great Prices & Great Services

Discover a vast variety of low-price high-quality options to help you operate your business sustainably at Facedrive Supply. With our 100% transparent pricing, no longer will you be worrying about quoting prices for each and every item of your supplies. What’s more, enjoy hassle-free ordering with our free next-day delivery service without delay.


At Facedrive Supply, we adhere with our ESG-friendly ideals in every decision and step we make; we would like to enable your businesses to do the same. With a tap of a button on Facedrive Supply, you contribute to a better market and a better environment.

Transforming the Market

Facedrive Supply is a “market transformer” offering innovative ways for businesses to serve your local communities with social responsibility. We imagine means for you and your businesses to grow greener while exceeding your operational needs.

Transforming the Local Communities

At Facedrive Supply, we care about the social impacts we make in our communities. This is why we source a lot of our products from local Ontario farms and businesses. We hope our endeavors can help our local communities grow stronger together.

Transforming the Environment

Transforming the environment begins with transforming the business environment. At Facedrive Supply, we understand that protecting our environment is a cooperative effort. We continue to reimagine the business environment as a cooperative effort to guard our Mother Nature through sharing our sustainable ideas.

Facedrive Supply’s operations are fueled by our goal to transform the way businesses relate to the environment. Facedrive Supply is never complacent about the status quo on food product packaging. That is why you will find more and more reusable and more eco-friendly options in our store to help you contribute to transforming our environment for the better, bit by bit.


No matter what supplies you need to run your restaurants, our Facedrive Supply store have you covered — you can get all the supplies you need here. Find eco-friendly alternatives for your supplies at Facedrive Supply:


Let us pull up a chair as the Facedrive Supply store proudly presents… fresh and frozen food supplies; sourced from multiple local farms and suppliers, freshly available on Facedrive Supply store now. Inspire your customers with:


Area of Operations

You can become our partners. We currently operate in the following regions:

  • Toronto / GTA
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge
  • Guelph
  • St. Catharines
  • Woodstock-Ingersoll
  • London

More coming soon! We will be expanding to other regions.

Delivery Schedule

Farewell to long wait times for your ordered supplies. Your orders on the Facedrive Supply store are delivered to you in a flash. Find out when your orders will be delivered.


Facedrive Supply is here to empower businesses and transform the way restaurants purchase wholesale supplies. 

  • No more hidden prices
  • No more waiting nor overpaying for deliveries
  • Never again buy more than what your store room can hold because of minimum order requirements

* Next-day delivery service not available for fresh shop products.